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Greenfootsteps is about easy green living, bringing you environmentally sound ideas and tips which don’t break the bank but do genuinely help you to be a bit greener.

Here you'll find lots of simple ideas and projects to try at home which should save you money and help you and your family to become both healthier and greener.

Here are just a few of the things you'll find on Greenfootsteps:

  • Green up your diet...healthy diets are green diets.
  • Green up your health...health tips can be cost-effective and green.
  • Green up your backyard or garden...help wildlife, attract birds and butterflies.
  • Green up your house... learn how to avoid harsh chemicals and still keep a clean home.
  • Green up your whole lifestyle... there are articles on green home improvements, green transport, parenting, leisure, recipes and more!

There are also some articles about the big issues such as climate change and global warming. These are included just to help you get an overview of the problems facing us and our environment in the 21st century. They are relatively short and straightforward and are not intended to be comprehensive.

For more green living topics just explore the Navigation Bar links, left - or scroll down to topic headings here below.

Please enjoy this website and I hope it will provide a few answers to your personal journey towards greener living. So come on in and green up your lifestyle with Greenfootsteps.com!

What is green living?

Green living is about finding a lifestyle which causes no permanent damage to the planet. It's about finding sustainable answers to our needs and desires. And it's about living in harmony and balance with other living inhabitants of our world.

Most of us would like to be greener - at least if it didn't hurt too much! Being “green” or eco-friendly in our lifestyle choices does not always look easy. Some eco solutions can be expensive and have a long pay-back time – for example, double glazing makes your home easier to heat and saves on carbon emissions but on average it takes about five years or more for you to recoup the cost.

Information, Information, Information!

Also, there’s a confusing wealth of information out there.

Every day becoming greener looks more and more complicated. And, as the news rolls in about climate change, more and more necessary.

Greenfootsteps is dedicated to making the task easier by finding the best tips and techniques which don't cost the earth.

All the articles on the more expensive "eco" solutions are designed to help you make an informed judgment about how they might suit your situation.

There are also plenty of links to other useful sites which can provide green services and information.

All the green living tips and ideas here should help make life cheaper, easier and healthier for you and your family.

Many practical green living ideas make life more enjoyable, too!

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An international approach

Greenfootsteps.com also aims to be international in scope as far as possible.

I'm from England, so many of the tips on organic gardening are most suitable for people growing food plants in temperate climates: that said, many of the green living ideas presented here are applicable practically anywhere.

A brief note on spelling: - I've used mainly UK English spellings but there are also some US variants as more people are familiar with US English.

A note on politics

The ideas presented on this site are intended to help individuals and families to live a greener lifestyle. Many of the issues dealt with here have enormous political implications.

This site does not address these political issues at all (well, barely). It is simply intended for your personal information, to help you to find greener ways of living as things are at the moment.


Greenfootsteps and funding

This is a private site which is financed by advertising and a few selected affiliate links.

There are also product reviews where the products may have been sent to the reviewers free of charge. I endeavour to be fair and honest when reviewing and recommending products. Please read the disclosure if you would like to know more about this.

New content is being continually added to the Greenfootsteps site. Please check back often!

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for regular updates from the Green Living Blog. Please click on the XML/RSS link above the Nav Bar to do this.

There is also an occasional newsletter - "Footprints". Please subscribe using the Nav bar link. These newsletters are only infrequent at present.

A Green Guru?

I'm not claiming any special status as a "green guru"! This site is dedicated to finding the best information and practical advice from people and organisations who make it their business to know. While I also draw on my own experiences, these are not always positive. Indeed, some might well be classed as mistakes to avoid!

This site is a journey of exploration, which I hope will, in some small way, help you with your own journey.

There are articles from guest writers, too, who have their own, unique insights into green living topics.

Green living is our future!

Green living and green politics have never been so important. We are increasingly aware of the pressures on our environment from modern lifestyles and industries.

This website is dedicated to a greener, healthier future for all.

Thank you for visiting Greenfootsteps. I hope you find something useful here to help you to a greener, healthier lifestyle.

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