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All information given on this site is given in good faith and for educational purposes. How you use information is entirely up to you.

Neither the author(s) of articles nor Greenfootsteps.com can accept any responsibility for your use of information given on this site.

The views and opinions given on this site are those of the author(s) only.

If you feel that any information supplied is incorrect or misleading please contact me to let me know. 

The purpose of this site

Environmental issues are becoming ever more prominent in world news.

The purpose of this website is simply to give people information to help them decide on ways to help mitigate their own effects upon the world’s eco-systems and thereby improve their own health and happiness.

Another aim of the site is that, through green living practices, readers are enabled to lower some costs - hence the Greenfootsteps.com tag-line "Easy green living for health and wealth".

Up to date information and complete information

Information is updated as frequently as possible but Greenfootsteps.com can offer no guarantee that the information supplied on any particular page at any particular time is up to date or complete.

You should always endeavour to double-check facts and methods for yourself to establish their fitness for your own situation.

Medical advice and alternative medicines

If you have a medical condition, or suspect you may have a medical condition, please see your physician or health professional.

Do not use any alternative medicines or embark upon any exercise programme without taking proper professional advice. Do not use herbs and aromatherapy products without taking professional advice.

Information given on this site does not constitute advice and should not be used as such.

Product recommendations and reviews

We will never knowingly promote products that we regard as sub-standard or harmful.

All products recommendations on the site are made in good faith and in the sincere belief that people will find items which are useful to them in the quest for a greener, healthier life.

Reproduction of pages of Greenfootsteps.com

Permission is given for the reproduction of pages from Greenfootsteps.com for private use by individuals and families only.

Reproduction, distribution, republication or storing copies of Greenfootsteps.com's text or pictures for anything other than private, individual and family use is prohibited without the express agreement of the website owner.

This site is protected by CopyScape and international copyright law.

Privacy Policy

If you have concerns about data collection and privacy, please see the privacy policy. Thank you.

Advertising and revenue sources disclosure

It is now standard practice to disclose revenue sources of one's site. This site is able to continue because of the support of sponsors, advertisers and some affiliate links.

Read on for details of both of these below.

Advertising links

While it is impossible to control every single advertisement on the site fielded by third-party sites, I try to make sure that advertisements generally conform to the ethics of the site.

Advertisements are currently served by Google Adsense and Infolinks and a very small number from Chitika.

The adverts from Infolinks are the ones with the double underline appearing sprinkled throughout sections of the text.

The Chitika ones look a little similar to Google Ads but have the Chitika logo displayed.

There are also a very small number of private advertisements from small sponsors. These may sometimes take the form of paid links. These will normally be clearly identified as such by an appropriate header somewhere near the top of the page.

The site owner derives income from advertising links used by readers.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links on the site include links to Amazon and links supplied by Shareasale and Affiliate Window.

The site owner receives a commission when goods are purchased through third party sites such as Amazon. This means that when you click a link which takes you to Amazon's site, if you then buy a product, a percentage of the purchase price goes to me, the website owner. If you choose to go to Amazon directly, you still pay the same price but no revenue is paid out to me.

Rona Sharp (Greenfootsteps.com owner) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

If you believe that there are products recommended or advertised which do not fit with the ethics of the site, please use the contact form to let me know.

Thank you - your help keeping this site as ethical and eco friendly as possible will be appreciated.


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