Living a Healthy Lifestyle and a Greener One!

Living a healthy lifestyle is good for the planet too!

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet and healthy exercise. These are perhaps the twin pillars of good health.

Here is a collection of healthy living tips and articles.

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Read on for more about the benefits of a healthy, green lifestyle.

Most aspects of living a healthy lifestyle are quite straightforward - though perhaps not always easy.

Diet, exercise and learning how to shed stress are the main factors which help us towards good health. Social and psychological factors are important, too. We need to feel valued and that our work is contributing to other people's well-being in some way.

These days it's also important to know how to keep the toxic load on our bodies within reasonable bounds.

This section of Greenfootstepsfocuses on ways to be healthier and to live a healthier lifestyle; ways which are easy, do-able and, above all, sustainable.

Yoga and stretching help with living a healthy lifestyle. Picture thanks to Rance Costa

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Living a healthy lifestyle:
Start with a healthy diet - it's easy if you eat organic!

Once you know about the benefits of organic food you probably won't want to eat anything less.

Organic food is far better for the environment as it puts far more nutrients back into the soil and is much better for wildlife.

It's almost certainly better for us, too, because of the far lower toxic load from chemicals used in production.

Also, well-produced organic food generally tastes better, having richer, denser flavours.

If you eat organic you are not exposed to a poisonous cocktail of chemical residues. Some commercial crops are sprayed and resprayed time and again against pests; traces of some pesticides have been detected in many foods on supermarket shelves - sometimes above recommended "safe" levels.

Any "diet" worth its salt contains masses of organic fruit and vegetables - but not too much salt!

Healthy exercise is also part of a healthy living lifestyle.

A healthy exercise routine helps prevent illness and stress

- and keeps you out of the doctor's surgery!

A healthy exercise routine can be very green and contributes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Lots of ways of exercising do not place excessive demands upon the planet. There are literally hundreds of ways of taking exercise which do not involve jumping into a 4x4 to drive down to the gym!

Techniques to avoid and deal with stress can help keep us healthy. Stress is one of the biggest contributory causes of disease. A lot of stress comes about because of our lifestyles. I will include some relaxation techniques and stress-busting ideas.

Keeping healthy means mainly staying out of the doctor's surgery and out of hospital!

When you are fit and well-nourished you just don't get ill as often and when you are ill, you heal more quickly and with less help - much less of a burden on the planet.

When you consider the thousands of journeys made each year to hospitals and doctor's surgeries, it's worth trying to reduce them, even if it's only a bit.

After all, visiting the doctor's or the hospital is quite stressful too and not much fun for most people.

I'm not saying for a moment that we can close all the hospitals down.

It's just that if we all were to take good care of our health, using ancient and well-tried techniques - as found in some holistic medicines, as well as some carefully selected modern ones, a good deal of time, money, misery and stress might be saved.

And the cost in terms of carbon-dioxide emissions would be less too.

This part of the site is devoted to exploring greener healthy living tips. Read on for some simple healthy living principles which can be employed to give you a healthy lifestyle - if you use them, of course!

Living a healthy lifestyle - some simple tips

There are lots of ways that you can green up your health. Here is a list of things which will help you towards living a healthy lifestyle. Just sensible, straightforward stuff, in the main. Explore the links below for more details.

  • Eat well but not too well! Have fresh organic fruit and vegetables every day – at least five portions preferably. Eat wholegrains too...
  • Take some aerobic exercise every day and give yourself a thorough workout about three times a week
  • Practise safe stress. If your work or life situation is stressful, learn some simple de-stressing techniques...or change your situation...
  • Get plenty of rest and recreation. All work and no play … no way!
  • Make time for your family and friendships
  • Take a good multivitamin and multimineral supplement
  • Get lots of fresh air, every day if you can. Do your exercises in the fresh air if possible.
  • If you do get sick, use alternative medicines such as homoeopathy and herbalism as a first choice for non-life-threatening complaints
  • Get enough time for relaxation and sleep - but not too much
  • Avoid toxic stresses such as unnecessary chemicals in the home and in your body care routines.

Here are the articles.

Living a healthy lifestyle - the articles

Other relevant information for living a healthy lifestyle can be found in the Natural Foods and the Natural Cleaners sections of the site.

Articles on diet and foods

Healthier Diet Advice

Seven Healthy Food Tips

Vegan Benefits for Health and Longevity

Vegetarian Benefits for Your State of Mind

Mediterranean Diet Plans for Healthy Eating

The Benefits of Coffee and Green Living

Seaweed Benefits for Health and Slimming

A Sustainable Pescatarian Diet for Health and Fitness

Alternative medicines

Holistic Medicines are Greener Medicines

How to Make Flower Essences for Your Health and Well-bein


Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Green Health

The Benefits of a Fish Oil Supplement

Cider Vinegar and Health

What is Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening Primrose Uses and Benefits

The Benefits of Resveratrol for an Effortless Healthy and Long Life

The Benefits of Antioxidants - Nature's Superheroes

Fitness, exercise and lifestyle choices

The Benefits of Fitness Walking for Health and Vitality

Cycling for Fitness and Health

A Green Mattress for Mind and Body

Surviving Germs at Work

Healthy Diet Apps for Better Nutrition

Health issues and (some) possible treatments

Seven Easy Steps to Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Salt and High Blood Pressure - What's the Truth?

Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer - Do They Exist?

Happy Pills or a Happy Lifestyle?

Sunblock Ingredients - Fuel on Your face?

Organic Insect Repellent Reviews

Natural Health Resources for a Healthy Life


Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Top of Page

Greenfootsteps Home - for more easy green living ideas

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