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Green Us

Healthy Living

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Diets and foods

Healthier Diet Advice

Seven Healthy Food Tips

Vegan Benefits for Health and Longevity

Vegetarian Benefits for Your State of Mind

Mediterranean Diet Plans for Healthy Eating

The Benefits of Coffee and Green Living

Seaweed Benefits for Health and Slimming

A Sustainable Pescatarian Diet for Health and Fitness

Alternative medicines

Holistic Medicines

How to Make Flower Essences for Your Health and Well-being

Health supplements

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Green Health 

The Benefits of a Fish Oil Supplement

Cider Vinegar and Health

What is Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening Primrose Uses and Benefits

The Benefits of Resveratrol for an Effortless Healthy and Long Life

The Benefits of Antioxidants - Nature's Superheroes

Fitness, exercise and lifestyle choices

The Benefits of Fitness Walking for Health and Vitality

Cycling for Fitness and Health

A Green Mattress for Mind and Body

Surviving Germs at Work

Healthy Diet Apps for Better Nutrition

Health issues and possible treatments

Seven Easy Steps to Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Salt and High Blood Pressure - What's the Truth?

Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer - Do They Exist?

Happy Pills or a Happy Lifestyle?

Sunblock Ingredients - Fuel on Your face?

Organic Insect Repellent Reviews

Natural Health Resources for a Healthy Life


Natural Body Care

Natural Body Care

Skin care

Natural Organic Skin Care Product Reviews

Use Natural Fruit and Vegetables for Organic Body Care

Pure and Natural Soap

The Best Sunscreens are Broad-brimmed hats!

Organic Skin Care Reviews from Readers - Add Your Own!

Hair and Nail Care

Healthy Hair Shampoo Can be Found

The Best Hair Conditioner is a Natural Hair Conditioner

An Olive Oil Hair Treatment for Healthy Looking Hair

Safer Nail Polish Ingredients

Dental Care

The How to Make Toothpaste and Other Toothpaste Facts

The Toothpaste Ingredients - What's in That Drug Store Brand?

The Best Whitening Toothpastes for Health and the Environment


Families and Parenting

Natural Parenting for Greener Living

Babies and young children

The Best Nappies for Less Expense

Cloth Diaper Fabric - Nappy Materials for Your Baby's Comfort

Cloth Nappies UK - Your Local Choices

Types of Diapers

The Baby Blanket Material Choices for Your Green Baby

Some Great Organic Baby Clothes for a Greener Start in Life

Green Schools Initiatives - The Green Cup Challenge

School-age children

Healthy Picnic Ideas for Springtime.

Some Healthy Recipes for Kids 

A Greener Generation? 

The Green Schools Initiatives

Asbestos Exposure in Schools and from Toys 

Pregnancy and conception

Natural Birth Control Methods - Birth Control without the Pill


Frugal Living

Living Well on Less

Living well on less at home

Energy Saving Tips for Cheaper Greener Living

Reduce Your Fuel Bills and Live in An Energy Efficient Home

Home Energy Saving Devices for a Greener Home

More Home Energy Saving Tips and Tricks

Green Tips for Saving Money

Home Steam Cleaners for Greener Cleaning

Best Laundry Detergent for an Economical Wash

Home Decorating with Natural Materials

Green Wood Burning Tips

Best Green Mattress Choices

Greener Technology

Moving To a New house - Some Green Moving House Tips

Eco Storage Solutions for Packing Your Goods Effectively

Food, cooking and shopping

Cheap Healthy Recipe Page

Organic Food for Less

Edible Weeds Provide a Free Garden Bonus

More Edible Wild Plants

Battery Farming Versus Happy Hens

Easy Dutch Oven Recipes for Delicious, Inexpensive Meals

Buy a Slow Cooker for Cheap, Easy Dinners

Magnetic Refrigeration - the New Eco-friendly Way to Keep Things Cool

Drying Fresh Herbs from Your Garden

An Easy Fruit Leather Recipe for Surplus Fruit

Urban Foraging - A Family-Friendly Experience

Tips for Remembering Your Reusable Shopping Bags

Fairtrade Products and Fairtrade Fortnight - Join the Big Swap!

(See also Green Kitchen, below)

Book reviews

Online Book Reviews

Bicycle Book Review Page

Festive green living

A Living Christmas Tree is For Life

Eco Christmas Trees and Good Green Festive Food

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees and the Green Christmas Tree Debate

Green Christmas Ideas for Frugal Festive Fun

Easy Homemade Christmas Presents - for a Greener Yuletide

Green Christmas Present Ideas

All About Green Weddings


Green Kitchen

Natural and Organic Foods

Foods and nutrition

A Healthy Living Diet for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Healthy Cereal Choices, Starting with Wheat

Oat Flour and Oat Groats - All about Oats - Oats Any Way You Like!

All About Rye Flour, Rye Nutritional Benefits and Rye Production and Uses

Fruit Nutrition Facts - Some Good Fruit Choices

The Nutritional Value of Fruit - Some of the Main Benefits of Eating Fruit

All Types of Fruit and How to Get the Best Health from Your Fruit

The Nutritional Benefits of Nuts

Why Eat Fermented Food?

Salad Ingredients for Zappier Lunches

Sprouting Seed is An Easy Way to Grow Tasty Organic Food

Seaweed Health Benefits

Organic Meat for a Greener Diet

The Nutritional Benefits of Fish

The Best Eggs for Healthy Nutrition

The Benefits of Rapeseed Oil

Gourmet Salt for Healthy Eating

Healthy drinks

Healthy Fruit Juice for All

Organic Coffee Information

Pure Water

Kitchen kit choices for green living

A Bokashi Kitchen Composter is Quick and Easy to Use

More on Pressure Cookers

Are Metal Chopsticks the Best Cutlery for Oriental Food? 

The Best Solar Ovens for Home Use 

The Best Cookware for Green Living

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Green Life 

Best Sprouter Reviews 

Great Cooking Methods to Live By 

Health Food Reviews - Add yours! 


Green Recipe Book

Organic Healthy Recipes

Vegetable and bean dishes from kitchen staples

Fresh Tomato Recipes for that Glut!

Easy New Potato Recipes for Glorious Summer Eating!

An Easy Cheesy Potatoes Recipes Page

Easy Baked Bean Recipes

Easy Fava Bean Recipes - or Broad Bean Recipes

Fresh Green Bean Recipes - for Pole Beans and Runner Beans

How to Make Falafel

Brown Rice Recipe Collection

Couscous Salad Recipe Page

Easy Chickpea Recipes for Vegetarians, Vegans and meat-eaters

The Vegetable Soup Recipe Page

Meat and nut dishes

An Easy Nut Roast Recipe for Christmas or Anytime

Oven Baked Whole Chicken - Easy and Wholesome

A Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe


A Homemade Muesli Recipe for Simple Healthy Breakfasts

Porridge and Other Oat Recipes

A Healthy Low Fat Granola Recipe

How to Make Bread for Taste and Health

A Whole Grain Bread Recipe

Making Rye Bread - Some Easy Rye Bread Recipes to Try

Condiments and preserves

Making Chutney

How to Make Mayonnaise at Home

A Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

Dessert and cake recipes

Coulis Make Dream Desserts

Easy Apple Recipes for Savoury Dishes and Desserts

Fresh Plum Recipes for Your Extra Fruit

A Rumtopf Recipe for Summer and Autumn Fruit

Fabulous Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes for Summer or Winter

Yogurt Drinks and Smoothies for a Cool Summer

How to Make Pancakes

Carol's Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

Organic Christmas Recipes for A Winter Feast - Christmas cake and mincemeat

Wild food recipes

Elderberry Recipes for a Healthy Winter

Blackberry Recipes - Jam and Other Uses

Blackberry Pie Recipes for an Autumn Feast

An Easy Crabapple Jelly Recipe

How to Make Sloe Gin for Winter Cheer!


Green Homes

Green Energy

Solar Power for Homes

Solar power options

Cheap solar power

DIY solar power for hot water

The best solar ovens for home use

Articles on renewable energy topics

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

The Benefits of Wind Energy

Offshore Wind Power

General articles on green energy

The Eco-Innovation for Business and Enterprise

Energy Strategy In the European Union


Home Improvements

Easy Home Improvement Projects

Home insulation

Best Insulation for Homes

Best Attic Insulation Choices for Green Living

More Best Attic Insulation Choices for A Greener Home

Types of Home Insulation - for an Eco-friendly and Snug Home

Heating and cooling your home

Cheap Wood Burning Stove

The Advantages of Biomass Fuels

Solar Home Improvements

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?


Sofa and Love Seat Slipcovers

Thermal Window Treatments

Used Bar Stools

Decorating with Natural Materials for a Beautiful Home

General home improvements

How to Conserve Water at Home

Water Saving Tips for your Home

Create an Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool

Moving to a New House - Some Green Moving House Tips

Green Roofing and Flooring Options

Eco Homes are Becoming More Affordable

Finding an Eco Builder

The Importance of Ecological Surveys

Tips for Saving Energy at Home


Green Cleaning

Natural Household Cleaners

Natural products for everyday cleaning

Aromatherapy Air Freshener

Cleaning with Vinegar

Cleaning with Salt

Washing Soda for Safe Effective Home Cleaning

Baking Soda for Cleaning and Other Home Uses

More Baking Soda Uses About the House and Home

Vinegar and Bleach and Other Safety Bleach Facts and Tips

The Borax Information Page - includes notes on safety

Safe Chemical Cleaning Products

Cleaning Product Reviews - you can add your own, too

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths - How Green are They?


Laundry Tips for a Greener Wash Day

Washballs or Laundryballs

Soap Nuts for a Soft Natural Wash

Homemade Detergent for Your Laundry

Best Laundry Detergent

Recipes for cleaning materials

A Natural Oven Cleaner is Easy to Make

A Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

Useful machines

Steam Cleaners for Environmentally Friendly House Cleaning

A Steam Mop Makes Green Cleaning Easy

Product reviews

Cleaning Product Reviews

Your Green Cleaning Reviews


Green Outside

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is Green Gardening

General gardening articles

Designing a Container Garden - For Pleasure or Practical Crop Production

How to Make Compost at Home for a Greener Garden

Organic Gardening Compost for a Healthy Garden

How to Make Hugelkultur Raised Beds

Become a Wild Bird Feeder! Tips for Attracting Backyard Birds

A Homemade Bird Food from Suet and Scraps from your Table

Growing Comfrey for Added Garden Fertility

How to Grow Sunflowers to Feed the Birds

Eco Lawn Care Tips

Organic Lawn Care Products and Methods for a Truly Green Lawn

How to Conserve Water in Your Garden

Identifying Weeds - An Easy Guide to Some Common Ones

Organic Pest Control Tips for the Perennial Garden

Garden kit

A Compost Barrel or Compost Turner? Which is Best?

Organic Gardening Tips and Techniques for Successful Growing

An Easy Cold Frame Design

The Best Buy Greenhouse for Green Gardening - or How to Choose a Greenhouse

A Garden Sickle for Effective Wilderness Control

Good Garden Netting Choices for Green Gardening

Water Butt Choices

Choosing an Outdoor Shed for Your Garden

Keeping a Worm Bin - for the very best compost

Best Garden Cloches for Crop Protection and Sustainable Living

Push Lawn Mower Advantages


Growing Guides

How to Grow a Vegetable Garden

Growing Herbs Indoors and Out

Easy Herbs for Your Garden or Yard

Beans for a Bumper Crop

Beetroot and Swiss chard - easy and nutritious

Planting Peas for a Popular Home Crop

Growing Carrots

How to Grow Lettuce



Planting Garlic for a Homegrown Supply

How to Grow Parsley Outside and In

Growing Tomato Plants - Tricky but Worth It

Some Tomato Growing Books for Better Tomato Crops

Using Greenhouses to Extend the Growing Season



Green Orchards

Fruit Tree Orchards and the Community

Growing Apples and Soft Fruits for a Bountiful Home Harvest

Growing Apple Trees for a Great Home Harvest - pollination and planting

Pruning Apple Trees for Health and a Bumper Home Harvest

Growing Redcurrants for a Luscious and Easy Home Crop

How to Grow Raspberries

How to Grow Blackberries - and Why

Blackcurrants Plants for Your Garden


Green Go - Transport and Travel

Car and truck - personal transport

Transport and Fuel Options for a Better Future

Hybrid Car Advantages - for a 21st Century Ride

Hybrid Car Disadvantages

A Hybrid Car Definition

Do Hybrid Car SUVs Offer a Greener Big Car Experience?

EV cars Offer Cleaner and Greener Local Driving

Electric Cars 2009 - What is Out There?

Greener Journeys - By Bus

Green Car Insurance and Car Insurance Advice

Increasing Fuel Efficiency for Your Family Car

Auto Fuel Economy - Reduce Your Car Use

What is Biofuel?

Green Truck Options - How to Make your Truck Greener

Cash for Clunkers and Scrappage Schemes

Naked Streets: Is Shared Space a More Human Approach to Traffic?

Asbestos and Mesothelioma: More Reasons to Use Alternative Fuels


Green Travel 

Eco-friendly Travel Ideas

Cheap Coach Travel is Eco-friendly Travel

Train Travel Tips and Ideas for Greener Journeys

Bicycle Touring - An Eco Friendly Way to Go Travelling

Cycling in Holland

Cycling in Belgium - Our Experience

More Cycling in Belgium - Ghent and Trains

A Zanzibar Vacation with a Difference

Green Air Travel - Myth or Reality?


Green Earth


Which Cause of Land Pollution is Most Important?

An Air Pollution Article: What Are the Main Causes of Air Pollution?

Air Quality Improvements

What Are the Main Causes of Water Pollution?

Water Pollution Solutions - What Can We Do?

Becoming Carbon Neutral

Global Warming Cause and Effect - What Is It and What Can We Do?

Why Organic Food Is Best

Cheap Food - Is it a Con?


Site Map - top of page

Greenfootsteps Home Page - for more easy green living ideas

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