Natural and Organic Foods - for a Green Kitchen

Is your kitchen green?

Buy, grow and use more local, fresh, natural and organic foods for a greener kitchen!

There's a few other things you can do, too...from considering the type of fuel you use for cooking, to deciding which pots and pans to buy.

This section of the Greenfootsteps site explores food and ways to bring high quality foods into our diets.

There are also some articles on cooking equipment for a greener kitchen.

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prehistoric animals at Tarxian

Picture above: Prehistoric peoples reared animals for food. These beautiful carvings of sheep are from Tarxian Temple in Malta.

The health benefits of organic foods are so clear that it makes good sense to make organic foods the major part of your diet. What you lose in money you will gain in increased health and vitality for sure!

Natural and organic foods for your kitchen - what are the options?

Below you will find links to green kitchen issues, such as greener food choices and greener storage. There are also articles on kitchen equipment.

For recipes for organic vegetables, grains and fruits please see:Green Recipe Book

Here are the articles.

Natural and organic foods for a healthy green kitchen

Healthy Cereal Choices - Starting with Wheat

Oat Flour and Oat Groats - All About Oats

All About Rye Flour, Rye Production and Rye Nutritional Benefits

The Nutritional Benefits of Nuts

Salad Ingredients for Zappier Lunches

Sprouting Seed - Easy Ways to Sprout Seeds for Salads or Stir-fries

Organic Meat for a Greener Diet

The Benefits of Fish

The benefits of fish are well known. Here is some information about the nutritional benefits of fish but also about the difficulties faced by the fishing industry. Can we fish sustainably? Is the fish on our dish safe to eat?

Organic Coffee Information This page is about organic coffee growing and its benefits compared to conventionally grown coffee.

Healthy Fruit Juice for All How good are commercial fruit juices? Can they compare with homemade?

Seaweed Health Benefits Information on seaweed types and the nutritional benefits of these super-foods.

The Benefits of Rapeseed Oil Rapeseed oil is being promoted as an eco-friendly alternative to olive oil. How green and healthy is it?

Why Eat Fermented Food? Some of the health benefits of fermented foods explained and a look at what's available.

The Nutritional Value of Fruit

All Types of Fruit for Healthy Eating

Fruit Nutrition Facts - Some good fruit choices

The Best Eggs for Healthy Nutrition

Gourmet salt for a Greener Diet - a page about gourmet salt and table salt.

Pure water Pure water is perhaps our most important resource. We all want pure, clean water for ourselves. This page gives some details on the difficulties of keeping our water pure, some of the impurities which creep in and how we can best protect ourselves.

Aids for cooking natural and organic foods

Here are some of the kitchen gadgets and cooking aids that you might need for making the most of natural and organic foods such as the ones in these articles.

Cooking with a Pressure Cooker

More on Pressure Cookers - how they work and what to look for in a pressure cooker

Are Metal Chopsticks the Best Cutlery for Oriental Food? Why we need to stop chopping down forests for chopsticks - and the alternatives

The Best Solar Ovens for Home Use - a guest article on the three main types and what they can each do.

The Best Cookware for Green Living - a guest article on eco-friendly cooking utensils.

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Green Life - a guest article on how to keep your "cookprint" down by using fewer and better appliances.

Best Sprouter Reviews - how to choose a good seed sprouter and product reviews.

Great Cooking Methods to Live By - how to prepare your food using healthy cooking techniques and yet keep it all tasting good!

Health Food Reviews - Add yours! Here's a space to add reviews of natural health foods or health food products that you've found helpful. Please feel free to add reviews of cooking equipment that you have found useful for preparing natural and organic foods and drinks.


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