Eat Well for Less with These Organic Healthy Recipes

Organic healthy recipes for vegetable and fruit dishes, grains and meat recipes and even some for wild foods!

Organic healthy recipes? What are they?

I suppose that, in truth, there ain't no such thing as an 'organic recipe' - or, at least, any recipe can be organic. Yet there are recipes which are particularly well adapted to organic foods.

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Organic foods are often more flavoursome and subtle than the chemically-produced counterparts, so you can use simpler ingredients and methods.

Here are some recipes which I have found useful while running an organic garden and catering for family and friends.

There are detailed recipes for healthy organic dishes with some notes on nutrition. There are four main categories

First are vegetable dishes and other savoury recipes. Then there's organic staple foods from your organic kitchen - grains, pulses, and rice. Then there's a section on dessert dishes and lastly a section devoted to wild foods such as elderberries and blackberries.

Organic healthy recipes:
Wild foods, windfalls and glorious gluts

When you grow your own vegetables organically you often have sudden gluts of particular things and you need a way of cooking and preserving them.

There are also recipes for various common fruits, because again it's very easy to find yourself with a sudden oversupply of a particular fruit, if you are growing stuff yourself. We get so many apples it's hard to get around to picking them, so they are nearly all windfalls. Shame they're all cookers!

Even if you are buying your organic fruit and vegetables, there are times when the supply is plentiful and cheap, so it's nice to be able to prepare some dishes for the freezer, or make some preserves for the store-cupboard, or to give as presents.

There are also some recipes which have proved popular at home and which can be part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. The focus is on easy cookery using organic staple foods which you will normally find in your local health food shop or store or perhaps through your friendly neighbourhood food co-op!

Most of the ingredients used are pretty straightforward. When there is something a bit more exotic (i.e. exotic for England!) included I will usually explain its use and origins.

Plain cookery!

The cookery here is suitable for ordinary family life rather than special occasions and dinner parties, so forgive me if some of it seems a bit plain! Most of the ingredients are not really expensive.

I've also included a few recipes for wild foods such as blackberries and chestnuts. They can make a useful contribution to a green lifestyle. If you can find wild food on your doorstep it's another way to keep the food miles down. But if you do have to trek out to the countryside to collect them, then hopefully you will enjoy some stress-free time out from the city rush and pollution!

The best blackberries in London are to be found in some of the overgrown cemeteries. Certainly organic! Hmmm...

Picture below: - wild sweet chestnuts

wild sweet chestnuts
Here are the articles.

Organic healthy recipes:
Organic healthy recipes for vegetables and savoury dishes

tomato salad

Fresh tomato recipes for that glut

An easy fresh tomato salsa recipe for a zingy side dish

An oven-baked whole chicken recipe - easy and wholesome

A really easy and nutritious home-made chicken soup recipe

A cheesy potatoes recipe page - simple, delicious organic fare

Easy new potato recipes for glorious summer eating!

Easy fava bean recipes (or broad bean recipes, if you will!)

A fresh green bean recipe page - for pole beans and runner beans

Easy vegetable soup recipe page

An easy nut roast recipe for Christmas or anytime

See here for cheap healthy recipe ideas

Organic healthy recipes for kitchen staples

rice salad

Brown rice recipe collection

Easy chickpea recipes for vegetarians vegans and meat eaters!

How to make falafel

An easy couscous salad recipe

A homemade muesli recipe for simple, healthy breakfasts

Porridge and other oat recipes

An everyday whole grain bread recipe

How to make bread for taste and health

Making rye bread - some easy recipes

Easy baked bean recipes

A healthy low fat granola recipe

A healthy trail mix recipe

How to make yogurt at home in a flask

Preserves and condiments

Making chutney

How to make mayonnaise at home

Dessert recipes for your organic fruit

raspberry yogurt drink

Here are dessert recipes, mainly for fruit - the occasional savoury fruit dish too.

Coulis make dream desserts

Easy apple recipes for savoury dishes and desserts

Fresh plum recipes for your extra fruit

A rumtopf recipe for summer and autumn fruit

Yogurt drinks and smoothies for a cool summer

Blackberry pie recipes for an autumn feast

Fabulous fresh fruit salad recipes - for any time of the year!

Carol's easy carrot cake recipe

How to make pancakes

Organic recipes for a winter feast - Christmas cake and mincemeat

An easy nut roast recipe for Christmas or anytime

Recipes for wild foods

crabapple jelly

Elderberry recipes for a healthy winter

Blackberry recipes - jam and other ideas

Roasting chestnuts and chestnut recipe ideas

How to make sloe gin for winter cheer!

An easy crabapple jelly recipe

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