"Bright green" concentrated dish washing liquid/ natural citrus scent, by Safeway

by Bayari

I have been using "green, or eco friendly" products for about 30 years and this is by FAR the very worst one I have ever encountered!

The ingredient list is general, not specific. it does NOT list the actual ingredients (as other REAL eco friendly products do), but general terms instead; including the phrase "natural citrus scent". This in entirely UNTRUE! It smells like really bad chemical perfume, and not a hint of citrus anywhere... my entire family is repulsed by the smell and we have sent it back to the company. It actually makes us gag and gives several of us headaches. If I had access to a lab, I would run tests to find out what chemicals are in this product, as I am certain that there are more than just fragrance chemicals.

If you are truly interested in REAL GREEN cleaning products, do NOT buy these; go to a health food store or online to find the numerous proper ones, such as: Seventh generation, Ecover, etc.

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Aug 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is one of the worst "green" products I have used -- does not clean well in general and is completely ineffective on any type of oil or tomato sauce. Plus, either the bottle design is flawed or the product dries out too quickly. For each use, I either have to reopen the hole in the cap with a thin knife to pierce through dried up soap residue or unscrew the cap completely. Not even worth finishing the bottle.

Apr 21, 2012
Not safe for allergy sensitive people
by: Julia Cochrane

I am a chemically sensitive 59 year old white woman who so far has been safe using "Green" fragrance free, dye free products. I think I have used this soap before because I alternate randomly between my local food co-op and Safeway. I always use dye and fragrance free, no animal testing products. But for the last two weeks I have increasingly bad and widespread hives every time I do dishes at home, actually ending up in the ER. Today I did dishes at a local non-profit coffee shop I volunteer at and they use Dawn or something, and I did not get hives. So chances are I am incredibly allergic to this soap.

For info sake my other known allergies are: eggs, chickens (live or raw), lavender, cedar, latex, and possibly steroids.

I am just bothered that they do not list ingredients because I don't know what chemical I am allergic to, natural or not, or how to avoid that active ingredient in the future. I am surprised that it is legal to do this. It shouldn't be.

Jul 12, 2011
Bright Green Dish Washing Liquid - Natural Citrus Scent
by: Miss Eco Friendly

I absolutely love this product. Our housekeepers hate all the eco friendly products as they do not think they work but they love this product as well. It smells like my expensive shower gel I purchase at Neiman Marcus. The only problem is that a lot of stores do not carry it. I say give it a chance and you decide.

Feb 07, 2011
by: KATE

Seeing all these negative comments I needed to add my 2 cents worth. I have a touchy smeller and I found nothing offensive about the Lavender Dishwashing Liquid. My dishes and glassware are the cleanest they have ever looked...glass sparkles. I am anxious to try the citrus; I'll keep using it until it is no longer available....like so many products I really care about.

Jan 14, 2011
worst dish soap ever
by: Sandy

I found the smell of the lavendar dish soap absolutely horrible! There is no hint of lavander in it, but rather smells like strong bleach and chemicals. I had a severe skin reaction to this soap after it got on my forearms. My skin went all red, itched terribly and broke out in blood blisters. This happened right after I washed the dishes. My doctor said it was definitely from something getting on my skin and since it happened immediately it had to be the soap. Don't use this soap!

Jun 14, 2010
by: Bob

The smell of the "Natural Lavender Scent" is hideous. I put the bottle outdoors as the smell was just awful. Another fake green product - beware.

May 31, 2010
Thanks for the warning!
by: Rona

There is a lot of "greenwash" about, where companies try to appear a lot greener than they actually are. Companies that do this kind of thing need to be called out!

I'll try to check out Safeways over here (England) to see if they are the same - but I doubt if they can get away with no information on ingredients within the EU. Be interesting to see.

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