Ways To Live Greener

by Antonia

Hi, my name is Antonia.

I am the author of the website www.nutrition-facts-in-fruits-and-vegetables.com where I write about nutrition and I am also the author of the website www.best-web-hosting-for-you.com where I write about the best web hosting for you.

I want to share a few tips with you on ways to live greener:

1. Base your diet on fruits and vegetables. If you eat loads of fruits and veggies, you don’t need much else. OK, maybe some nuts and seeds too, because they are really nutrient dense, but that should basically be it. It really helps the planet if we don’t support the factories that make all that processed food.

2. If you can, grow your own fruits and vegetables. if you can't, you could at least make your own sprouts at home. They are easy to make and they are a valuable addition to any meal.

3. Don’t use a car. If you need to, use public transport or use your bike.

4. Try to live as close to your children’s school as possible so you/they don’t have to take the bus every day. Walking is also much healthier.

5. Prefer the train or boat to taking the airplane.

6. When you can, try to buy organic and fair-trade products, like food, clothes, cleaning supplies and toys.

That’s about it for now. Many of the tips are obvious, but many times we forget to apply them.



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Nov 25, 2010
Natural foods!
by: Rona

I completely agree with you!

If people would just eat healthy, natural foods produced by organic sustainable methods a whole lot of disease and misery might be avoided and there would be far fewer stresses on the environment.

Simple, really but we lead such complex, stressed lives that simple things sometimes look difficult.

Good luck with your website!

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