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Here's a little info on some of the best reusable nappies on sale in the UK.

Some of these cloth nappies will also be available in other countries, too. Some are made in the UK and some are imported.

This page details some of the main choices and materials available for washable nappies and gives info on where the nappies are actually made. This is so that you can make an informed choice to help reduce your carbon footprint while finding the best possible deal for your baby.

Of course there will be small companies doing impressive things which a page like this can't hope to cover; maybe there is an eco-friendly nappy producer near you which could be the very best option of all. You can also opt to make your baby's nappies yourself, which is an economical option.

There is a good selection available of cloth nappies UK, some of them very green and eco-friendly in their products and manufacturing methods.

Cloth nappies UK - the main contenders

Nature babies nappy wraps

Nature Babies are a British product made by a small company in Quorn, Leicestershire. Their products are mainly made from cotton and "Pul".

They do a good range of nappy shapes and styles, including micro-terry fibre slim line nappies and a pouch system which they call "stuffables". There's a good range of colours and patterns available. Their shaped nappies are some of the cheapest around. Nature Babies are not (yet) organic.

Natural Collection now stock a versatile organic cotton nappy system with extra night-time inserts and a washable overpant or wrap. You can even buy a single one to try out rather than buying the whole system straight off.

Easy-Peasey make one-sized nappy which will take your baby all the way though to potty training. This is an economical option. The nappies are made from bamboo with bamboo fleece lining. Easy Peasey are based in Oxford.

OneLife come from another British-based nappy company with strong ethical and environmental policies. Unfortunately they are being discontinued but you can still get them from The Cotton Nappy Company. They make a one-size nappy which has a cunning arrangement of folds and poppers that make it effective from birth to potty training. Their nappies are made of cotton and they also stock a range of eco-friendly accessories such as nappy soaking solution.

Baby's BeeHinds has cloth all -in one nappies which are made from fleece bamboo - a specially soft variant of bamboo. They also make a super-absorbent hemp nappy. These nappies are one-size. The company is Australian but it has a branch in the UK. You can see the kind of thing they offer here.

More cloth nappies UK:

Ella's House nappies are slim-line hemp with a pop-out booster which speeds up their drying time. The nappy has lots of poppers for maximum adjustability and it comes in three sizes to cover all needs, even over 35lbs. The nappies are attractive with a good range of colours and patterns available. The cotton is generally unbleached but not organic.

Mother-Ease makes cotton nappies which will fit babies from around 8lbs (3.5Kg) upwards. The belt-like fastenings are secured by poppers. They can also accommodate extra snap-in nappy liners which are useful for heavy wetters, or long nights. These nappies can fit up to 35lb babies (16Kg). They also do an all-in-one nappy for convenience when you are out and about and a small newborn nappy to suit very new and tiny babies.

Mother-ease is a Canadian company, which uses wind and hydro-power for all its energy requirements. They are now introducing 100% organic cotton products.

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TotsBots are almost as flexible but they do two sizes, from 8 to 18lbs and 18 to 35lbs. The fit should therefore be rather snugger. Their organic cotton nappy has won the prestigious Mother and Baby gold award. "Fluffles" are a quick drying nappy which helps keep tumble-drying to a minimum. They also make bamboo nappies (Bamboozles). (Bamboo is reckoned to be about 60% more absorbent than cotton, so they should perform well. Bamboo nappies are great for daytime use as they are less bulky than cotton. Their main drawback is that they are a little slower to dry. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly products as it grows so fast and well without chemical interventions.)

TotsBots is a Glasgow based firm and is one of the fastest growing companies in Scotland. The nappies are produced in Turkey and are sold worldwide.

Bambinex nappies are also made from bamboo. Bamboo has a reputation for getting fluffier and more comfortable the more it is washed! One of the chief benefits of bamboo is that it is absorbent without being bulky. Bambinex used to be known as Wambamboo.

Cottontails are a one size nappy from birth to potty training. They manage this with a concertina-like fold in the cloth which is let out as the baby grows. They also do their own wraps which are designed to fit them well.

Junior Joy produce cotton terry nappies in the traditional square design plus prefold nappies which make fitting a little easier.

Cloth nappies UK:

Nappy wraps or covers for cloth nappies UK

You need to buy separate wraps for most of these cloth nappies described above.

Nappy wraps used to be made of plastic and although they were not biodegradable, they would not last that well either.

Most modern nappy wraps are made of "Pul" - or polyethylene laminate, or other breathable but waterproof fabrics. They can be machine washed and with care they should last for years.

TotsBots do their own wraps which have crossover tab fasteners to make them fit snugly and expand with your baby.

Other wraps commonly available in the UK are Riki wraps and Air Flow wraps. These are made by Mother-Ease (Canada) but they can be easily used with other nappy systems. Air flow are specially designed to help prevent nappy rash. They are made from Pul and they have poppers. Rikis have a hook and loop fastening system.

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Please see Cloth diaper fabric for more details of the advantages and disadvantages of nappy materials such as bamboo or "Pul".

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