How to Make Flower Essences for Your Health and Well-being

Learn how to make flower essences - and how to use them!

making cherry plum flower essence

Picture: Cheery plum flowers are placed in pure spring water and left in the sun.

Here is an article about how to use flower essences and about some of their benefits for health and well-being.

There are also some details about how to make flower essences, too - so if you fancy trying this fascinating craft you can try it out.

Please note: It is sensible to use plants which are not at all poisonous if you are experimenting with making flower essences at home!

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Flower essences - what are they?

Flower essences are a subtle, liquid energy that can influence your life-force, freeing you from negative emotions and helping you to recognise behaviour patterns.

Unlike traditional medicines they do not contain chemicals or have pharmaceutical properties.

Flower essences have no side-effects, they are easy to self-prescribe and will help you on a journey of self-discovery that will gently transform your health. 

How are flower essences made?

It is fairly easy to learn how to make flower essences. To be sure of good results, get someone experienced to show you how. Below is a brief outline of how to make flower essences for yourself.

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Most flower essences are made in spring water; the flower (or gemstone) is left in water and sunlight for several hours so that the vibrational message from the plant gets transferred to the water.

This water is then mixed with alcohol to preserve it and is called the mother tincture. Several drops are taken from the mother tincture and diluted in more alcohol and water this is called the stock bottle. A third dilution is made by taking several drops from the stock bottle. This becomes the dosage bottle and is some drops are usually taken from this each day, or sometimes several times a day, for a week or two.

If you want to learn how to make flower essences at home be sure to use clean sterilised utensils and be careful to guard against contamination. It is best to get an experienced person to show you how it is done. 

How to use flower essences

cherry plum flowers

Using flower remedies is easy.

They can be used straight from the bottle. First shake the bottle then place a few drops directly on your tongue morning and night, or as required.

Essences are helpful when you need to change long standing behaviour patterns. They can be taken over several weeks.

Picture: Cherry plum flowers

Our essences are safe to give to children and work well diluted into water or a drink.

Essences are very useful when treating your pet. Just put a few drops in your animal’s drinking water.

Feel the benefit of essences by adding a few drops to your bath.

Add to a plant’s water when moving and transplanting to relieve plant trauma.

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How do you know what the different flower essences are for?

This is the really interesting part of being an flower essence producer.

The first flower essence I made was from a small red polyanthus that had been brought into hospital when my mother was dying. My mother was a keen gardener and had noticed the day before how wilted and lacking in life the polyanthus was becoming.

After she had died a nurse came and said "You had best take the polyanthus home with you. Look how wonderfully in flower it is."

The little pot plant had transformed its self to a full-on display of flowers.

Well naturally, the polyanthus was the flower display at her funeral. My mother was a Quaker, so a simple pot plant was appropriate.

A few weeks after her death the polyanthus was still looking wonderful and I had been using other people's essences to help get over my loss. My friend Saskia was visiting, we had for some time been using other people’s essences and talked about making some so it was a natural conclusion that the polyanthus was the flower for us to use. At that time we had no idea what it might be for, so we decided to trial it first on ourselves and then on local mums in the village we both lived in, and on friends from around the neighbourhood.

When I took the essence I noticed that after a week I was feeling energetic and had got on with doing all those things that you put off after someone has died. I did not pay much attention to this message. We then started to get reports back from other people about cleaning, clearing and writing letters they had put off for ages. At the time I was still looking at just the surface message and thought that this essence might be to help with spring clearing.

Having studied Homoeopathy and having friends who were medically intuitive, I sent the essence to a wonderful woman and healer, Rowena Field who reported back that she felt the essence was for things that are difficult to do. At this point the message that was in the flowers became apparent.

From then on both Saskia and I have been growing and developing our intuition and skill with each essence we make.

This has brought us to where we are today a flexible and evolving flower essence company that makes the highest quality hand-made essences, made with love and care to help you develop and find your full potential.

See for more about using flower essences.


Where to buy flower essences

You can buy ready prepared flower essences from

There is also a selection of flower essences and Bach flower remedies available from 


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