Natural Birth Control Methods

Are natural birth control methods practical for modern couples?

Here is a guest article about natural birth control methods and their success in helping people to achieve their desired outcomes.

Natural birth control is often seen as tricky and possibly a bit of a lottery. Methods such as the Creighton Model offer a workable solution for many couples.

Guest article with thanks to: FertilityCare at the University of Utah*

Natural family planning -
birth control without the pill

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It has become very commonplace to use medication in order to avoid pregnancy. Many women are not well informed of the many other more natural options that are available to them. The following article describes one of the natural family planning methods available: The Creighton Model.

The Creighton Model is a method used to both avoid and achieve pregnancy. It is a scientifically proven method that was developed from the Billings Ovulation Method. It is considered both a natural and green method of family planning. It has been standardized and is now taught by trained practitioners in Fertility Care Centers* in the United States and Canada. Long-distance learning is sometimes available for those who are not located near a center.

A woman can observe the characteristics of her cervical secretions to know whether it is a time of fertility or infertility for them. These secretions are also referred to as “biomarkers” and a woman can examine each time she uses the bathroom. The woman charts her observations each day. The practitioner helps the woman interpret the woman’s charting records so that she can better understand her menstrual cycle.

If used correctly, the Creighton Method can be just as effective as the pill.

It is safe, healthy, natural, and is even effective for women who have irregular cycles. In fact, the charting can help in understanding menstrual irregularities and reproductive problems. It is a good way of monitoring and learning why these problems are occurring.

The following is a story of a participant from a Creighton Model study (Creighton Model Effectiveness, Intentions, and Behaviors Assessment or CEIBA):

“When I was 18, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and was promptly put on birth control to control my symptoms. Later, I was inspired to do some research on the pill I was taking (I am a scientist, and so I rarely take what people say as fact without doing some research on it first), and I discovered that it does thin the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation. I immediately stopped taking my pill, and started researching natural family planning methods and programs. Since I have a history of PCOS, I went to some forums and searched the best methods, and Creighton Model was consistently the most trusted. I attended the introductory session a few weeks later and was on board with my wonderful Certified Fertility Care Practitioner, Elizabeth.

I'm still learning how to manage my PCOS, but I really love charting and knowing exactly what's going on in my body. My husband was reluctant (but supportive) at first, but he is slowly starting to participate in the process ("Is today a green day?!". He is now convinced that that's how the band "Green Day"got their name). I find it hard to contain my enthusiasm about it, and so almost everyone I work with probably knows a little too much information about my cycle!

We have thus far been using the Creighton Model to prevent pregnancy, but now we are getting excited to use it to achieve pregnancy. A couple we met at our church actually told us that they had been struggling for years to get pregnant, and that it wasn't until they started Creighton Model that they made their beautiful baby girl!” - Stephanie from Texas

While you are working to go green in all the other areas in your life, there is no reason to not go green in your natural family planning as well. Take control and learn more about your body and how it works.Make an appointment to start learning to use the Creighton Model with a trained FertilityCare practitioner today*.

*The original link page for this article has been removed. The one to the University of Utah medical department links page which contains several options for contacting FertilityCare has also now gone. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Natural birth control methods and green living

Other natural birth control methods include the Rhythm method and the Billings method, which relies on the relationship between cervical mucusand fertility.

The Calendar method is another of the many variants of natural birth control methods. It is not usually recommended because forecasting a woman's fertility over the menstrual cycle based on past form has been shown to be unreliable; stress, illness and medication can all distort the cycle. It has a high failure rate.

The Creighton Method is a method of natural birth control which to some extent stems from the cervical mucus monitoring developed in the 1960s by the Billings. It has been shown to have an excellent success rate if applied consistently and correctly - well over 99%.

Fortunately, techniques such as the Creighton Method now bring a greater degree of certainty to couples seeking the best results.

Such natural family planning methods also offer women the freedom from long-term use of the Pill to control their fertility. Many people would see this as a greener and more natural approach to take. The Pill has been a cause of concern because of its effects up on the wider environment, particularly its effects on aquatic life forms such as frogs.

Many women are also concerned by potential health hazards of using the contraceptive pill over extended periods.

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