A Natural Oven Cleaner is Easy to Make

Here is a safe, easy and effective oven cleaner!

A natural oven cleaner does exist and it's easy to make from common household eco-friendly cleaning products.

You can keep your oven quite clean without using those toxic oven cleaning chemicals found in the supermarkets. If you look on the instructions of such products you will always find the symbol for TOXIC.

These chemicals are not user-friendly and they are not great for the environment, either.

A good safe oven cleaner can be had for a few pence per cleaning session. The chemicals involved are commonplace and non-toxic. However there is a chemical reaction, so it is as well to keep your face clear of the oven while it happens!

A simple and natural oven cleaner can be made from two simple ingredients: baking soda and household vinegar. These two products are mixed together on the surface to be cleaned and the ensuing chemical reaction does most of the work for us. 

Read on for practical tips on how best to clean your oven.

How to clean the oven floor

Scrape off the worst of the charred remains of dinners past. Then sprinkle baking soda liberally over the surface of the oven floor.

You can buy pure baking soda direct from Amazon. Some local stores and health food shops stock it.

See Baking soda for cleaning for more details of using baking soda around the house for cleaning and freshening.

Add a little common vinegar and stand back while the chemical reaction occurs. Just sprinkle it on. It will froth and fizz.

Keep pets and kids well out of the way. It does smell a bit - mainly of vinegar. I tend to open the windows and keep the area well ventilated.

The end results of the reaction are just water and carbon dioxide - (not enough to produce significant global warming!)

When the reaction dies away you should be able to remove the dirt easily with a damp cloth. If the dirt is somewhat compacted or burnt on, you might need to use a scourer and you might need to repeat the process a couple of times.

The rest of the oven

The rest of the oven can be cleaned using baking soda or salt as a scouring powder. Use a cloth or a light pan scrub.

See the manufacturers recommendations for best results so that you do not scratch vulnerable surfaces.

Warm water and a little elbow grease should get your oven sparkling clean. Give it a good airing before using it again. You can also use natural oils such as orange oil to add to the water used for a final rinse. Orange oil has great cleaning properties.

You can buy natural oils from most health food shops and from Amazon.

This natural oven cleaner seems to work as well as the more toxic products on sale in the shops.

A natural oven cleaner:
A clean oven is an efficient oven!

A clean oven is better from an environmental viewpoint. It heats up more quickly and efficiently. It also smells nicer, of course.

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