Easy New Potato Recipes for Delicious Summer Eating

Here are some easy recipes to make your mouth water

These easy new potato recipes are a must for that fresh crop of home-grown tats!

One of the most delightful things about growing your own potatoes is harvesting and eating new potatoes. Here are some very easy new potato recipes to help you enjoy new potatoes at their best.


Steamed new potatoes with leaf beet, butter and salad

It does not get any easier than this - or any more delicious!

Clean the new potatoes with a gentle vegetable brush to remove any soil. Now for how to cook new potatoes. You can cook them in water but you generally get better, tastier results cooking them in steam.

Put them into a steamer. If you don't possess a vegetable steamer, you can buy trivets to put into an ordinary pan with a lid. You really don't need anything more than a simple trivet. Most pressure cookers include one. They are cheap to buy as a separate cooking aid; just fill them with your new potatoes and add water to the pan below.

Add enough water below the potatoes to boil without drying out but not so much that the potatoes are submerged. It will take just a little longer to steam the potatoes than if you were simply to cook them in water. I find it is easiest to pre-boil the water in a kettle so that you are starting with almost boiling water. This makes timing the dish a little easier.

Add a couple of sprigs of mint to the potatoes to give the dish a wonderful fresh taste.

While the potatoes are steaming, make a salad from your freshest and nicest salad vegetables from the garden - or if you are using bought salad, spruce it up with the addition of a few choice herbs.

See alternatives to lettuce and growing herbs indoors and out for more ideas for salad.

When the potatoes are almost cooked (test with a fork for tenderness) you can add the spinach beet or Swiss chard leaves. Baby leaves are the best for this job. Just wash them and then lay them across the top of the potatoes. In three or four minutes they will be cooked and - if you timed it about right, so will be the potatoes.

Serve the freshly cooked new potatoes and beet leaves with an omelette, a fillet of fish or even a home-made burger. Truth to tell, if you are wanting to eat light, this dish is excellent just on its own with a nice herby salad.

A dab or two of butter and a light scattering of sea salt make this one of the most satisfying and tasty dishes for early summer. You can of course use olive oil or rape seed oil with this new potato dish. Just drizzle!

Easy new potato recipes to make your mouth water:
Potato salad with onion

If there are any potatoes left after you have served them hot with leaf beet or chard, then they are ideal for using cold in salads. You can mix in any left over chard or leaf beet too. A little cooked cauliflower is also quite an agreeable addition.

Here is an easy way to prepare a salad potato dish, using new potatoes.

Make some homemade mayonnaise.

Coat the potatoes fairly liberally with the mayonnaise. Toss in some chopped chives and some thinly sliced salad onions or shallots.

Add a very little finely chopped mint or fennel.

A little freshly ground sea salt brings out the flavours beautifully.

Serve with egg mayonnaise and green salad or cottage cheese.

There are plenty of variations on this theme: try sliced fresh radish, dill seeds or tips, capers and pickled gherkins can all ring the changes on this versatile dish.


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Easy new potato recipes to make your mouth water:
Hot roast spuds

It seems like a terrible waste to roast new potatoes when they are so delicious just cooked with mint and butter.

Nevertheless, they can make a very fine roast potato if that is what the rest of the meal demands!

The easiest method I know is to roast them whole in a metal pan with olive oil and a scattering of sea salt.

Pre-heat the oil in the roasting dish until it is spitting hot.

Add the washed and dried potatoes carefully to the roasting pan, avoiding oil splash.

You can be mean or lavish with the oil as befits your diet. If you are being mean, make sure you turn them frequently to prevent burning and sticking. As small new potatoes are usually fairly round, they may turn OK with just a shake or two - this saves you losing heat by opening the oven door for longer than a second or two.

You can add other ingredients in to the mix: sliced carrots, quartered onions and whole garlic cloves all roast nicely this way. Herbs such as rosemary or sage add a pleasant flavour to the roasting potatoes.

Allow about 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes and the heat of the oven.


Rough potato mash with chives

potato and chive mash

Here's a simple recipe for potato mash with chives.

Pre-cook the potatoes in water or by steaming them. Mash them up roughly with chopped chives, butter and cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. You don't need new potatoes but it's certainly very nice to use them for this.

You can also use a pressure cooker if you prefer. You will certainly save on fuel use but getting the cooking time exactly right can be a little tricky.


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