Natural Organic Skin Care Product Review

Natural organic skin care is important to many people. Finding good products can be hard.

Here are some reviews of natural organic skin care products.

100% natural or natural origin (almost!)

If you look on the labels of many conventional skin care products you will often see the words "of natural origin". This does not mean that the ingredient is natural in any sense that most of us would understand.

Cocamidopropyl betaine for example, is a derivative of coconut oil. It is used extensively in hair and skin conditioners and cleansers. However it is a chemically synthesised product which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

This page only considers natural organic skin care products which are (virtually) 100% natural and which contain mainly organic ingredients.

It is almost impossible to find products which do not contain some synthetic chemicals - usually preservatives, which is why we say almost 100% natural. It's not an easy ideal to achieve! (And there are some perfectly acceptable synthetic ingredients which should cause no-one any problems.)

But the aim of these pages is to seek out the very best products available today which are as near as possible to 100% natural and organic. Nevertheless, there may be people who find that some natural ingredients may also provoke allergic responses, so it's important to work out what works for you and your skin.

Here's a short list of ingredients you won't find contained in these natural organic skin care products:


artificial fragrances or colourants,


ethyl alcohol,

formaldehyde and 


See Skin Deep for more information on why you might want to avoid those ingredients.

Natural organic skin care product reviews:
Best quality products

I am also looking for the very best quality natural organic skin care products which deliver a good experience for the consumer.

That's not to say that you won't find the odd criticism, but rather that you can be sure that all the skin care products discussed here are very high quality products which we've found to be pretty good or better!

Natural organic skin care product reviews:
Green People's Vita Min Fix

This product claims to "keeps dry tired skin revitalised". I'm not sure my skin falls quite into that category (well, not most of the time, I hope!) but this nourishing cream is clearly a very high quality product jam-packed with good, organic ingredients. It is not greasy but it is not quite light either, in the sense that you are very aware at first that you have applied something to your skin.

The scent is strongly of geranium, a sweet, heady scent which I'm sure most people will love. Perhaps some men might find it a little too feminine, though!

Most of the ingredients you could happily put on your dinner plate. There's olive oil, avocado and seaweed, hemp oil and sunflower oil to name but a few.

One of the really impressive things about the Green People range is that they include no fillers or bulking agents. Whereas many conventional skin care products are contain only around 6% active ingredients - or less, the Green People range products contain over 90% active ingredients. This makes them actually very good value for money. I've certainly noticed with my Vita Min Fix cream, a very little goes a long way.

I've never been a great fan of moisturisers and nourishing creams. Often they seem to dry the skin as you continue to use them - probably because your skin gives up on producing its own secretions and natural moisturisers as they are replaced by the product. I've not found that with Vita Min Fix. I've been using it for more than two weeks on a daily basis. My skin feels soft and hydrated and I've no criticisms to make of it at all as a skin product.

The packaging

One small criticism of the packaging is that I would like to see rather larger print on the pack of the ingredients. This wouldn't be especially easy to do as the pack is only 50ml. There is a full ingredient list on both the dispenser and the packaging. Slightly larger writing might help with readability for people with less than perfect vision.

There is a very small amount of synthetic preservative included. After all, organic substances are naturally subject to decomposition and deterioration. GreenPeople use the very minimum possible to achieve longevity of the product. The dispenser is an air-excluding pump which helps products to store safely without deteriorating.

Many of the ingredients are not only organic but also ethically sourced.

Vita Min Fix - (and the other GreenPeople products) have both Soil Association and Organic Food Federation certification. Their products are mostly also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and they've won a shelf full of awards.

Palm oil

One (possible) major drawback to this product from a green perspective is that it does contain some palm oil.

Palm oil is that ubiquitous stuff grown on land often clear-felled from virgin rainforest. It is possible to source ethically produced palm oil (the Body Shop does this) so I will give GreenPeople the benefit of the doubt. (Although they supplied a sample they did not respond to queries about the origin of the palm oil, which is a shame.)

Much of the palm oil use in cosmetics is not so very ethical; orang utans and other forest species such as the Sumatran tiger are directly threatened by this pre-occupation we have with palm oil products.

A while after first writing this I received an email from a reader to say that Green People now use only ethically sourced palm oil - which is good news.

Overall, this is a very impressive product. 

Organic skin care products from Amazon

Amazon does a good few natural and organic skin care products in their extensive range of products. Some of these are very well received and have glowing reviews. See the side panel for a few examples and here below.

Pangea produce light and hydrating products which are expensive but contain top quality organic ingredients. They have an extensive range of cleansers, toners and creams. See their range here.

For an inexpensive natural skin care product, try natural coconut oil; it can be used on your skin, on your hair - and in your diet to good effect. 


More pages on natural skin care

Organic Body Care offers a very natural approach to skin care, just using all-organic ingredients from your kitchen. 

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