A Steam Mop Makes Green Cleaning Easy

Here is a guest article about the steam mop and how it can benefit your green cleaning regime.

Cleaning using "green steam" is becoming more and more commonplace. But many people still do not realise how much using a steam cleaner such as mop could help make their home greener and safer.

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Green Cleaning:
The End Of The Traditional Mop?

Many of you may be familiar with steam mops from either personal use or those late night infomercials. However, when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning, the vapour mop should be at the top of your list.

Regular mops use water and a chemical based cleaning solution to clean your floors. Traditional mopping actually causes you to spread dirty water around your floors as oppose to removing the dirt. Also, when you “mop” cleaning detergent on your floors, you leave behind chemical residues which pose many threats.

Firstly, the chemical solution used runs off into your drains and eventually finds itself re-introduced to the environment. The effect of these chemicals is well documented and cause many aquatic organisms to be killed. It also makes the water unsafe for animals and humans alike and can cause severe illness. The chemicals in detergents seriously upset the balance of life and damage the eco system.

Besides the negative effect on the environment, using chemical cleaners also poses a more direct threat to your family. After you mop, even if you rinse the surface with water, the surface and crevices of the floor will retain some chemical residues. If you have babies or toddlers that like to crawl around on the floors, they will come in direct contact with these chemicals. Do you really want your child to be exposed to these toxic elements?

Allergies and green steam

Many people also suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity and detergents can pose a serious threat to the health of even a grown family. So what can you do?

One solution includes using products that use natural cleaning agents, and what is more natural than water?

The steam or vapor mop only uses water which is heated to form steam and in some cases dry vapor. This can then be used to completely clean and sanitize your floors and carpets without using harsh chemicals. Because the steam is heated to high temperatures and is emitted at high pressures, this causes bacteria and microorganisms to be instantly killed.

Most steam or vapor mops also have a microfiber mop head and this allows the dirt to be trapped within the fibers of the pad as oppose to being “slushed” around the room like a traditional mop.

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Choosing a steam or vapor mop

What should you look for when purchasing a steam mop?

A swivel head

This is a very important feature to look for as this allows you to clean with ease. The swivel head allows you to mop around objects and clean hard to reach places.

Microfiber pads

It is recommended that you purchase a mop with microfiber pads as these are long lasting and can be washed and reused. They also perform really well when it comes to trapping dirt and absorbing liquids.

Please see here for more on microfiber cloths and pads.

Ergonomic handle

The handle should be ergonomic and its height should be adjustable. In this case, one size doesn’t fit all especially for users that are shorter or taller than average.

Carpet glider

This is not a standard feature for most steam mops. However, if you want to steam clean your carpets, then this is a feature you must have. Keep in mind that steam mops don’t have suctioning ability, so your carpets will have to be dried using other methods.

To prevent or reduce water residue on your carpets, buy a steam mop that emits dry steam which has little water content.

Long power cord

The need for this is variable depending on how large your cleaning area is. It is advisable that your purchase a steam mop which has at least a 15-17 foot cord length or longer depending on the size of your home. This will allow for ease of use and maneuverability.


These are just a few tips to get your started when deciding on a steam mop.

The most important factor is of course your budget, but thankfully, steam mops are moderately priced. On Amazon, you can purchase one within the range of $35 - $170. Before deciding, you should check out various steam mop reviews to determine the best value for your buck.


A selection of vapor mops is available from Amazon - some have good reviews. I've not yet tried one as I bought a steam cleaner instead. It has a mop attachment which I find very useful. 

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