Water Pollution Solutions

- What Can We Do?

What can we do about water pollution?

Here are a few water pollution solutions and water pollution prevention tips for us as family members and consumers. See the bottom of the page for some suggested reading on water pollution and its prevention.

So what can we do to reduce some of these causes of water pollution?

Water pollution is an issue which needs good co-ordination between government bodies and other public authorities to solve. More causes of water pollution seem to emerge year on year. The recent developments of tar sands for oil and widespread "fracking" for gas are two new threats to our water supplies. Sometimes big business interests would appear to hold all the cards.

But there are a few things we can do at home.


Preventing domestic water pollution

Water pollution solutions are always going to be second best to preventing pollution in the first place. Here are a few ways to avoid water pollution originating from your home.

  • Always dispose of chemicals such as unwanted oil, petrol or household cleaners in the proper manner. Many chemicals are unsuitable for flushing down the sink; local sewage systems are not always able to cope with domestic chemicals.
  • If in doubt as to how to dispose of any chemicals, consult your local authority.
  • Do your best to avoid chemical spills and sort out leaks (such as from domestic fuel oil) as quickly as possible.
  • Use de-icing salt responsibly. Excessive amounts of salt used for winter ice clearing can have a negative effect on water and local soils. Alternatives are available but most of them are also contain chlorides. In north America you can buy EcoTraction which is an eco-friendly alternative to salt based on a type of volcanic ash.
  • Avoid using pesticides and other garden chemicals as far as possible. If you must use them, dispose of unused remains according to the recommendations on the packaging.
  • Always select environmentally-friendly products over other commercial products where possible. For example, practically all domestic cleaning jobs can be tackled using environmentally-friendly products and many personal care products such as skin creams and shampoos have eco-friendly versions which are usually far better for your health, too.

Protecting your family from the effects of water pollution

There is not much you can do (in the short term) to stop the local farmer from using chemical fertilisers on his or her land.

All the other industrial causes of water pollution are largely outside of our control, too.

These problems are clearly political in scope. In order to effect change political lobbying and action are needed. This website is largely non-political but there are plenty of organisations which are campaigning for more effective controls on polluters. Please consult the links page for pointers.

However, you can take steps to ensure your own water supply is pure and fit to drink!

Here's a website which has lots of good information on home water treatment methods and options.

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Read about water pollution solutions
- and the causes of water pollution

Here is some excellent reading about water pollution and other water related books, including books for children.

When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales Of Environmental Deception And The Battle Against Pollution

Devra Davis looks at the consequences of unregulated industries and the blighting of people's lives and health by pollution. She is an epidemiologist who takes a scalpel to some of the political aspects of the issues, exposing how industrialists have deceived politicians, public and scientists alike. There is a first hand account of the pollution of her home town Donora by the coal, steel and zinc industries. This is a testament to all those who have pushed for better regulation and continue to do so.

From the Bottom Up: One Man's Crusade to Clean America's Rivers

The inspiring story of Chad Pregracke who set out to clean up the Mississippi - one of the largest rivers in the world. Not content with just that, he has gone on to found a movement to clean up all of America's rivers, involve and educate thousands of people and plant thousands of trees.

Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource

Marq De Villiers writes about the looming water crisis. Water is probably the earth's most precious and undervalued resource. This book is both an enjoyable travelogue and a disquieting appraisal of the scope of the world water shortage.

A Drop Of Water

The amazing nature of water explained and explored for children with enquiring minds. Walter Wick presents fascinating insights to delight and intrigue - through photographs and the text. Around 9 - 12 year olds.

Flow: For Love of Water

This is a film starring Maude Barlow and Vandana Shiva who are trying to publicise the political shenanigans which often deprive people of safe, clean water.


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